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If you're ready to schedule a cat behavior consultation, start by contacting me Here with a brief description of what you're looking for.


Once you have submitted an inquiry, you will receive a booking link via email. If you have chosen a full consultation, you will also receive a Feline Behavior Questionnaire to fill out. This will be an in-depth overview of your cat's history that will help me prepare for the consultation. This must be completed at least 72hrs ahead of the scheduled consultation.

At this time I will likely suggest you set up a veterinary visit prior to our consultation. It is very important that any medical problems are ruled out before addressing behavioral concerns. Depending on the situation, this may be required before I will begin a consultation. 


During the appointment, I will ask more questions and provide you with a behavioral analysis, some expectations, and an overview of the customized behavioral plan you will receive to solve your cat's behavior issues. Payment will be due at the time of the consultation. An invoice will be sent out prior to our scheduled appointment.


After the consultation, I will provide a written summary of the behavior plan and a letter to your veterinarian, if included. You will receive periodic check-in emails from me to keep me up to date on progress and to provide continued support. I encourage sending in weekly email update reports, video, and logs to show me how your cat is responding.


Enjoy a happier and healthier home for you and your cat!

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