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Sara has been a dedicated animal lover her whole life, and while she has all the accolades of an excellent student, graduating with honors and a B.S. in Animal Behavior from Carroll University, it's really hard to overstate her passion and intelligence when it comes to caring for and about the animals she interacts with.


From the tiny field mice she's helped rehabilitate at the wildlife rescue center, to the wolves, bear, and deer she's tracked and studied in the forests of Northern Minnesota, to the feline family members in our own hearts and homes, she has the gift of connecting with them on a level that cannot be defined, only witnessed.


She is now focusing her efforts on helping the cats of Minnesota and their humans make the best possible homes and families together. She does this by working to establish an understanding of the cats and their needs, and teaching the humans responsible for those little paws, so that both can live in harmony... as long as no one leaves a glass of water on the edge of the counter top (she's a behaviorist, not a miracle worker!). She volunteers weekly at a local cat rescue leading the enrichment team and is working towards certification with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC).


a.k.a. my fur babies and the inspiration behind everything I do

cat outside on harness relaxed


Ranger "Danger" is a devil of cat! He's wicked smart and loves to get into trouble! The snuggle force is strong with him too though, especially when it's time to settle down and watch a show. Sparkle-ball fetch is his favorite game, and feathers on a string is his favorite toy. He's special boy who, as a 6 week old kitten, climbed the vines on the side of a building in downtown Minneapolis, up to the second story and cried until he was rescued (remember what I said about his love for trouble). He loves to snuggle Kuma, and once in awhile we see him curled up with the fluff pumpkin Magnus.

happy cat


Kuma is the boss bear, but he's a good bear to his brothers. He loves to snuggle, meet new people, and sleep. He's not lazy though because when it's time to play the bear goes wild and his favorite toy is anything he can bat around and chase, while his favorite game is string chase! He spent some time on the streets of Milwaukee and it shows in his "cool as a cucumber" attitude. He's very happy to be a *mostly* indoor cat now, and when he does go out on his leash he likes to perch on a log or lounge in the grass.

cat on harness going for a walk


Magnus is the baby and his purry sweetness plays the part well! He's 10% cat, 40% fluff, and 50% PAWS! He was rescued from the outdoors in rural Minnesota, and even though he got so terribly matted he needed to be shaved (those are weird pics) he still loves going outside more than anything! Even in the cooler days of winter he wants to go out back for little stroll on his leash. He came equipped with a luxurious coat and giant paws though, so the winter is no match for him. He loves catnip toys and generally likes to play by himself, once in a while though he can be enticed to chase a string! He can be a bit of a loner, but he does have a routine of napping with Kuma in the mornings after breakfast.

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